Corporate Overview

CFC Design Inc.

Origin of CFC

CF … Carbon Fiber

C … Carbon

CF + C = Carbon composite material reinforced by Carbon Fiber (C/C Composite)

CFC Design has been involved in the development and manufacturing of Carbon-fiber reinforced Carbon matrix (C/C) advanced composite materials. Through intensive research, CFC Design has pioneered, perfected, and patented an innovative processing technique in the development of C/C composites. This revolutionary method has enabled us to overcome various complexities associated with C/C composites and greatly reduce its production time and cost. By bringing revolutionary composite technology, we aim to reach out and provide a wide variety of solutions to the industries around the world.

Manufacturing Plant: CFC Design Fukui Factory
ISO 9001:2001 Certified

CFC Design Inc. is wholly owned byTMT Machinery, Inc.


Company Established: April 2006

Type of Business: U.S.A. Sales & Marketing unit of CFC Design products throughout the North and South Americas

Major Products: Carbon/Carbon composite materials and design products

Parent Company: CFC Design Inc.

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